About us

*Important announcement: Following launch of our website, this blog is no longer used by Akademos Society. Please visit AkademosSociety.org for all the latest news and updates from Akademos.*

The Akademos Society was established in Melbourne, Australia with the objective of providing financial and academic assistance to disadvantaged young students in the community. The Society provides grants for young Hazara students who face financial challenges in pursuing education through a Scholarship program.

We believe, educating the youth is one of the most effective ways of providing a sustainable and prosperous future for the community they live in.

Akademos Society’s core objective is to support the most talented and disadvantaged male and female students. It also aims to build a simple, doable and sustainable ‘model’ through this project which shall be expanded in the future.

In 2013, Akademos Society officially began intake of its first batch of Scholars. The first batch of 12 Akademos Scholars began their studies in July that year, and have continued their academic journey under a full Akademos Scholarship, at KB Science College. Ummat Educational and Cultural Organisation, Australian Hazara Students Group Inc. (SHUUA) and KB Science College have kindly liaised with us in this process.

The ‘Akademos Scholarship’ program assists the most talented yet disadvantaged Hazara students to reach their full potential by financial support throughout their college life. The financial support includes payment of full tuition fees and other education related expenditures.

Our Mission:

• The Akademos Society is committed to providing financial and academic assistance to Hazara students.
• The Society shall strive for the promotion of the progressive and democratic ideals amongst the Hazara students as well the Hazara people in general.
• The society is determined to help improve the level and quality of literacy amongst the members of the community by focusing on the education of the youth
• The Society is to struggle for the recognition of an honorable, dignified and proper position for women in the society.
• The Society aims to connect and foster a mutually beneficial two-way relationship between the community and the Australian diaspora.

Contact: akademosscholarship@gmail.com



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