Akademos Society launches its website

Dear friends, well-wishers and supporters of Akademos,

It is with great delight that we inform you that following weeks of hard work by team Akademos, our new website has now been successfully launched and this blog will no longer be used by Akademos Society. Please visit AkademosSociety.org for all the latest news and updates from Akademos.


Akademos Society Inc.


Akademos Scholarship 2015-16 winners announced


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There is an age old saying that ‘the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is now’.

Akademos Scholarships is an investment in young people, in their potential and energy, in the hope that in the future not too far, they will become responsible individuals, productive members of the society, and leaders of their communities.

We received an unprecedented 60 applications, with an unprecedented number of brilliant, hard-working, and passionate student applicants. We will make a full announcement in due time, but here are the names of the Akademos Scholars 2015-16:

1- Niamatullah
2- Salima Liaqat Ali
3- Halima Khaliq
4- Aliya Mohd Ibrahim
5- Sidra Rajab Ali
6- Marzia Safdar Ali
7- Aqib Ali
8- Haleema Sharifi
9- Sahar Batool
10- Barkat Ali
11- Rubina Salman Ali
12- Parveen

We wish you energy, determination, and success. Congratulations!

Akademos Scholarship Applications For 2015/16 Now Open


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Akademos Society is pleased to announce new round of Akademos Scholarship. Applications for educational year 2015/16 are now open.

Interested students are encouraged to apply online by clicking here before July 15, 2015. Alternatively they can collect and submit forms at the KB Science College, Hazara Town or Ummat Public High School, Alamdar Road, Quetta.

Eligibility Criteria:

Akademos Scholarship is open to everyone who:

  • intends to undertake college education (in Quetta)
  • is committed towards education and able to demonstrate it
  • is financially and socially disadvantaged
  • is living in Quetta

The scholarship covers the college fees along with other expenditures such as uniform and stationary for the successful students throughout the year. In addition to that, Akademos Society will provide academic assistance as well as rewards to scholars who achieve exceptional academic results.

For more information, contact:

Murtaza (Quetta): +92 344 8300 698

Arif (Melbourne): +61 410 948 666

Follow us on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/AkademosScholarship

Annual General Meeting

Feb 04, 2015

Akademos Society team members

Akademos Society team members

The Akademos Society held its Annual General Meeting on Monday 3rd of February 2015 in Melbourne. In addition to holding a comprehensive discussion about steps to save the world and avert the impending disaster from global warming, the executive council reviewed the following topics:

  • 2014-15 Program evaluation and assessment
  • 2014-15 Financial Statements review and analysis
  • Incorporation of the Akademos Society and the scholarship program
  • Establishing a regular and sustainable assessment program for the scholars
  • Diversifying the programs run by the Akademos Society to better address the social, cultural and academic needs of the community
  • Financial and budgetary outlook for the academic year 2015-16
  • Program for 2015-16

Akademos Society awards five more Akademos scholarship


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Akademos Scholar, Basit Ali, receiving his scholarship award from Mr. Asadullah.

Akademos Scholar, Basit Ali, receiving his scholarship award from Mr. Asadullah.

Akademos Scholarship Awards for the year 2014-2015 were awarded to five talented graduates of different schools of Quetta in addition to the twelve scholars who have been Akademos scholars since 2013. The event took place on the 4th of October, 2014 at KB Science College, Hazara Town, Quetta.

Among the attendees were Mathematics Lecturer and UMMAT central committee member Mr. Asadullah, President of Hazara Students Federation and Chemistry Lecturer at KB Science College Mr. Asmat Yari and Akademos scholars along with their parents.

Akademos Society representative Mr. Rehmat Sharif opened the event with an introduction of the society, its aim, vision and its long term goal of investing in education and empowering the youth in order to make them the better citizens of tomorrow.

Akademos scholar receiving her award from Mr. Asadullah

Akademos scholar receiving her award from Mr. Asadullah

This was followed by our distinguished guests addressing the audience about the importance of education and educating our youth in the context of the position, Hazaras of Quetta have been pushed to. They further emphasized the importance of such initiatives as Akademos Scholarship programme and applauded Akademos Society members for their efforts.

Akademos Society remains grateful to the management of K.B. Science College, UMMAT, our distinguished guests, and our representative Mr. Sharifi for their cooperation, and assistance this event and the scholarship programme a success. We look forward to working with them in the future, and expanding the scholarship program to work for a better society – one more scholar at a time.

Download Application Form – Akademos Scholarship 2014/15


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Dosta Manda Nishin,

Akademos scholarship program for FA and FSc students for the educational year 2014/15 has been announced. To apply, please download the application form here and submit before July 22, 2014 at KB Science College. Alternatively, you can email us your application forms at: akademosscholarship@gmail.com before the due date.

Scholarship is open to anyone who considers, he/she is not or wasn’t able to pursue further education due to difficult financial circumstances after finishing high school. It is not gender restricted: open to male and female applicants.

The scholarship covers the college fees along with other expenditures such as uniform and stationaries for the successful students throughout the year. Hazara Town residents are given priority in selection process.

For more information, contact:

Rahmat (Quetta): +92 333 3056270

Arif (Melbourne): +61 410 948 666

Follow us on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/AkademosScholarship

Akademos board held its quarterly meeting in Melbourne


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December 31, 2013

From left, Arif, Haider, Hadi and Wais

From left, Arif, Haider, Hadi and Wais

The Akademos Society board held its quarterly meeting on Sunday, 29th December 2013, in Melbourne. The board reviewed the overall performance of the Akademos Scholarship Program with focus on the last quarter of the year running (2013). Board members proposed solutions to ongoing issues, and ideas for further enhancing the active projects. The meeting concluded that the scope of the present program needs to be further expanded, and recognized the need for further strengthening the communication channels with the stakeholders in Quetta.

Twelve Scholarship Winners

After receiving numerous application for the scholarship, applicants were then assessed and interviewed to determine winners. All the applicants exhibited talent and the quality of students made selection uneasy. After much thought the team decided on who should be awarded the scholarship.

It is with great pleasure for the team to announce that twelve exceptional students have been awarded the 2013 Akademos Scholarship Program. The twelve winners commenced their Higher-Secondary education at KB Science College from July 22nd 2013.The scholarship covers their educational expenses for the remainder of their college life.

Scholarship recipients have been notified and will receive an official congratulatory letter on behalf of the team.

The team would like to thanks all applicants for their efforts. Unfortunately we couldn’t award them all and those who missed out should not be disheartened. There will be scholarships next year and the numbers are likely to increase.

The team would also like to thanks the tireless efforts of both KB Science college and UMMAT. The program will continue to work alongside KB Science College and UMMAT to expand the program.

Stay tuned for updates via our Facebook page.


Akademos Scholarship – 2013



Akademos Society would like to thank you for your support and participation in forwarding our announcement.

We have been making quick progress towards the execution of our current project, which is, to enroll TWELVE talented students at KB Science College, Hazara Town, Quetta, and to grant them a monthly sum of money to help them with their basic schooling expenses. This project is named as Akademos Scholarship Program 2013.

Applications are available at KB Science College, Hazara Town, Quetta. You can also download it by clicking on the red text: Akademos Scholarship Form

Applicants must submit their forms at KB Science College before July 18, 2013 or email at our email address written at the bottom of this post. This date will not be pushed further, since F.Sc (1st year) classes are about to begin. Further delay will only affect the performance of the to be successful applicants.

Email: akademosscholarship@gmail.com